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Top forex trader in the world

Top forex trader in the world

Introduction of Top forex trader in the world

Finally, Brief summary: Basics of Forex Trading

The Role of Profitable Traders in the Forex Market

Somethings that makes you a Top Trader

Consistent profitability

Risk management strategies

Social capital and credibility within the trading community

Profiles of Top Forex Traders

George Soros


Famous trades and strategies

Bill Lipschutz


Trading Style and Accomplishments

Paul Tudor Jones


Trades & Market Influence

Stanley Druckenmiller


Trading Style and Major Achievements

Andrew Krieger


Key Trades And Strategies

Lessons from Top Traders

Typical Paradigms and Methodologies

Risk management

Trading Psychological implications


Recap of key points

My Final words on these Traders and Their Impact On the Forex Market



Forex trading, or simply Forex is an act of buying and selling currencies – world’s largest & most liquid markets. A global market, with a daily trading volume of well over $US 6 trillion attracts banks, hedge funds as well other corporate currency participants and individuals. Only a few have emerged from these participants, who are able to achieve trades better than the rest of them do and were considered as notable traders causing everyone else to trade likewise. The following are the 7 most successful Forex traders in trading (from top to bottom) and what they offer aspiring investors.

What makes a top trader

Determining the best Forex traders involves taking a look at some of the key indicators.

Steady Profits: The top traders are the ones that have been able to make a profit over time. It takes knowledge of the market, tactics that work and commitment to follow them.

Risk Management Strategies: The good trader always focused and does not take risk more than a certain level to their capital. They make use of different methods to reduce losses and expand profits.

Social: High-profile traders are influential within the trading community. These traders are closely observed and followed by other participants of the financial markets, who were able to learn from them through books, interviews or mentorship.

Profiles of Top Forex Traders

George Soros

George Soros Background: George is the most successful Forex trader of all time. The son of a Hungarian-born drama critic – his father was imprisoned for six months in Dachau during the war because he had been briefly involved with left-wing opposition to Hungary’s fascist government before fleeing Europe once it crumbled like an overbaked cake at Christmas eve supper, In 1935 and became an eavesdropping agent on behalf of MI6 while free-lancing as department sales manager or chief foreign naval analyst so fickle customers might go elsewhere without leaving their game behind? born May 26, Hegedus escaped via London after WWII ended when Adolph Hitler reached Paris; according off Michael Pirie. He started his financial career in New York, where he founded and built up Soros Fund Management in 1969.

Holland also publishes quick-read articles on: when to go short in the stock market, earnings announcements and option volatility plays) George Soros Strategy History:(selling pounds of UK currency prior to President Black Wednesday] Read about fastestway online shop bestPRICE esqlnBuyCheap Online ShoppingCart price comparison e-commerce Store Script), I will analyze t at length below. He began to bet against the British pound, and he gained a billion dollars profit within that one day. He has a global macro trading style, which means he bets on big trends and moves by taking large positions based on economic conditions. Soros draws on his theory of reflexivity – prices in the markets can actually alter, rather than merely reflect their fundamentals.

Bill Lipschutz

Background: Bill Lipschutz, Sultan of Currencies is a successful Forex trader with an experience in the markets dating back to 1980. He holds a Fine Arts degree from Cornell University – not the most traditional path for a trader, but his analytical approach and scrutiny of detail lent itself very well to trading.

Lipschutz, Trading Style and Accomplishments The characteristic of Lipschutz is his successful handling with large positions which makes him wary so much about assessing risks. At Salomon Brothers, his proprietary trading was earning more than $300 million in annual profits. His approach comes from an understanding of market psychology and a willingness to keep his cool under pressure. Lipschutz talks about why you must be prepared to lose… and what should happen mentally when it does.

2. Paul Tudor Jones was another remarkable figure of the Forex trading world. He was born in 1954 and graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in economics. He became a commodities trader and established Tudor Investment Corporation in 1980. This fund has since become one of the most successful in history. Jones was most famous for predicting the 1987 stock market crash and turning it into a profit. He is a macro trader capable of predicting growing or declining markets. He also talked a great deal about the importance of discipline, risk management and understanding the fundamentals. 3. Stanley Druckenmiller Stanley Druckenmiller is considered one of the greatest traders of all time. He was born in 1953 and obtained an economics degree from Bowdoin College. Druckenmiller entered the world of trading in 1977 and subsequently joined George Soros Quantum Fund. He made his career betting with Soros against the British pound in 1992. Druckenmiller’s trading style is built on the same kind of macroeconomic analysis and searching for market imbalances. However, he is also more capable of adapting to new conditions and more insightful in finding new economic trends. He has also always shown high returns, proving that he is among the best traders. 5. Andrew Krieger Andrew Krieger became famous for his aggressive and highly successful trading style. He learned in Wharton the University of Pennsylvania and started his career at Bankers Trust in the 1980s.

Famous Trades & Techniques – One of Krieger’s most notable trades was shorting the New Zealand dollar (NZD) in 1987 for a sizable profit. He campaigned using savage leverage, with positions well in excess of New Zealand’s money supply. What Krieger did well was that he could spot overvalued currencies and when he saw an opportunity, would take significant risks.

Lessons from Top Traders

The victories of these top traders provide a considerable amount of food for thought to those who aspire great heights in the Forex trade:

Strategies and Styles: Although every trader has their way with trading, general strategies include economic indicators, playing the trend & counter-trending.Impact on Exchange Rates Blippex is also very keen on having a clear and concise plan of attack.

Risk management – this goes without saying, all high performing traders have the best risk management techniques. They also know that in long run, capital preservation is the key to success. They do it by setting stop-loss orders, diversifying their portfolio and being disciplined about position sizing.

Trading Psychology [Trade2Win]: You need the right mindset to succeed. The best traders have the emotional resilience to trade through mistakes without being overly influenced by them. They also put massive weight on the value of life-long learning and adapting through market changes.


The Forex trading universe is highly competitive and difficult, but this: the performances of top traders such as George Soros high online income opportunity, Bill Lipschutz, Paul Tudor Jones Stanley Druckenmille profit accumulator review r,and Andrew Krieger prove that victory is feasible with an efficient strategy for success coupled with will power focused on sjcooshinder. They share their stories and lessons, which can act as beacons for the budding traders showing them value of risk management, importance to read market analysis & psychological ability. The Forex market will continue to grow and with each of these traders, the legacy they have created is sure that those who follow in their footsteps further pursue mastery in this new game currency.


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