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Top 5 Singapore Forex Broker in for 2024

Top 5 Singapore Forex Broker in for 2024 

Residents of Singapore prefer to trade forex (currencies) In order for a Singapore forex broker to be able accept forex and CFD traders in as its clients, the particular online trading provider need become authorized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore which is a financial regulatory body in, unlike some other countries such as UK or Cyprus where we still see many brokers operate without being regulated. MAS’s website is mas. We advise Singapore residents to keep an eye on MAS’s twitter handle, @MAS_sg. 

Top 5 Singapore Forex Broker   


We then created a list of all MAS licensed singapore forex broker and ranked them according to their Overall ranking. 

Selection of the Best Singapore Forex Broker for Trading  

  • IG- Best broker overall, most trusted 
  • Interactive Brokers| Great Overall, Best for Professionals  
  • Saxo – Best web trading platform 

Great all-round, low costs Best platform technology 256 spread bet and CFD TradingCMC MarketsIGHLIGHTSBEST ForexBoslow Minimum;IEL VIDEOSPONSORED AD4. 

  • FOREX. com – Fantastic all-rounder 
  • City Index – Best all round offering 

Visit Plus500 75% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs with this provider Start Trading Most popular for Beginners XM – Best Forex Broker The demo account is the best way to practice before you start investing real money. 

Top Rated Singapore Forex Broker 


Compare online forex and CFDs brokers in Singapore using the forex broker comparison tool or follow through with your browsing by viewing a listing of our top-rated Forex Trading Brokers. The list of the singapore forex broker should be sorted by my overall ranking regarding then top forex brokerage. 

Verification of MAS Authorization 

The first step in finding out if Axiory is a singapore forex broker regulated by MAS, is to check the last disclosure text on this brokers Singapore homepage. Here is an example of the terms with key disclosure text from CMC Markets website: 

CMC Markets Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Reg. (Company Registration No./UEN 200605050E) is a licensed holder for capital markets services license in Singapore and is an exempt financial adviser. 

You can verify it by searching the firm on MAS website to confirm that this register number is real. MAS has a separate page on CMC Markets Singapore Pte. Ltd.. 

From the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) 

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is a dual role given it was established in 1971 to plan the financial sector and reserved banker rights. MAS keeps Singapore’s exchange rate and banking sector liquidity in check, by deploying anti-inflationary monetary policy. MAS is a financial regulator that ensures healthy development of the financial sector in Singapore, offers prudential regulation for all banks and credit companies operating in country, promotes active formation and competitive nature within local market. 

As such, over five million people are free to legally and openly trade forex in Singapore provided they do so with regulated brokers under the oversight of MAS. MAS had already been a strong proponent in promoting high AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and CFT (Combating the Financing of Terrorism) guidelines among brokers operating out of Singapore, having co-founded Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering. 

To confirm if your favorite singapore forex broker is indeed regulated by MAS, we advise you to check the registration number of the FX company that can be found on their website through its main page. Most brokers will display their registration number in the disclosure text at the footer of their home page. 

Unlike the majority of developed countries, Singapore has more lenient taxation and this includes forex trading, if it is not your primary source of income (business). Profits from trading products on the forex markets, for example Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are essentially classed as personal investments and so traders they have to pay Income or Capital Gains Tax. 

We would recommend consulting with your local accountant on how to declare potential taxable events in Singapore as the government states that professional forex traders who trade for a living may do so paying an Income Tax rate of up to 22%, and residents are responsible for reporting any such event. 

What is the Best Singapore Forex Broker? 

IG – The Top Singapore Forex Broker. In plain terms, IG excels from top to bottom: an extensive range of instruments is coupled with category-leading education and research tools (such as a wide variety of trading guides), mark it one of the best online brokers. This includes written and video guides, weekly webinars which help investors with their strategies in various market conditions as well as the extensive courses within one of our trading education platforms IG Academy. IG – Best singapore forex broker for technology IG has a modern mobile app available on both Android and iOS that allows access to over 80 currency pairs with multiple technical indicators, chart types, drawing tools. 


MAS regulated in Singapore Forex Brokers  

Many of the best singapore forex brokers around hold a MAS regulatory license. I have actually researched and tested over 60 international forex brokers, perpetually working in the field of trust research driven by my experience with dozens Untrustworthy trading institutions so you may have your hard-earned savings at risk.  

My 3 best singapore forex broker regulated by MAS in Singapore for 2024 

1. IG 

Trust Score – 99 The most trusted broker in 2024, Best Overall Broker of the Year – (Fundacao17544) 

IG is capitalized enough,>$498 billion as of May 31,2023 and authorized by the number one world eight Tier-1 regulators including Monetary Authority in Singapore(MAS). IG is regulated by MAS and has to conduct itself following the rules as spelled out in Singapore Securities act of 2001 which entails ensuring that client funds are managed appropriately This means IG must hold client money on a segregated basis from its own, and cannot use these funds for day-to-day business operations so deposits are held with several top-tier banks. On top of being named the best forex broker in Regardsand 2024 Annual Awards,, IG also sections its Competitors, resulting to placements Fault at investment research Finest for commissions and prices, Instruction that is mobile which can be cellular along with professional trading. 

2. Saxo 

99 Trust Score – Operates three banks, 2024 Annual Award for Platforms & Tools into English 

Securities are also strongly trusted by tier 1 regulators in seven countries (which necessarily includes licenses from highly-prized North American or UK). In particular, Saxo has a Capital Markets Services (CMS) license with MAS – allowing it to be evaluated on Singaporean parameters like the ability to meet minimum financial requirements as stipulated by the Securities and Futures Act. Saxo offers one of the best singapore forex broker trading platforms in Singapore, backed by access to over 70,000 financial instruments. Average spread Saxo offers average spreads, that are published on its website for a set and variable number of daily trading sessions based caution. 

Take a look at the gallery below of screenshots collected from Saxo trading platforms by our research team during product testing. 

3. CMC Markets 

99 Trust Score – Publicly traded, won our 2024 Annual Award for 1 Most Currency Pairs 

CMC Markets is a singapore forex broker established in 1989 and regulated in Singapore by market access providers that serve as intermediaries between clients and the brokers functioning as Restricted Market Makers. CMC Markets is highly trusted and authorized by five Tier-1 jurisdictions and two Tier-2 jurisdictions, including the CTFC in Canada and the U.K. CMC Markets complies with MAS regulation that requires singapore forex brokers to safeguard their clients’ funds in a segregation of client funds in order to protect clients’ funds from being claimed in bankruptcy by a liquidator. In this case, CMC Markets holds all of their retail client money in segregated bank accounts with the banks they licensed under the Singapore Banking Act of 1970, meaning CMC Markets do not hedge their positions in order to meet trading obligations in accordance with the Securities and Futures Act. View Gallery Take a look at a gallery of screenshots from CMC Markets’ trading platforms taken by our research team during our product testing. How to get started forex trading in Singapore. After you’ve selected a forex broker that is right for your personal needs, there are a few simple steps to adhere to in order to get started in Singapore as a forex trader. Full the live account application process and be aware to read through all relevant terms and conditions. Fund the new brokerage account of your preferred deposit method and be sure to start with an amount you can safely afford to risk. Try out a demo and get the feel of the broker’s trading platform, get accustomed and learn the broker’s website and all available available product offerings. 

Put together a trading plan. Even the greatest traders lose money and a trading plan that keeps your average losses small (relative to your average profits) is what gives you long-term success. To find out more about trading plans go to my guide on how to start as a forex trader. 

Enter the singapore forex broker market. Select trade size, long a currency (buy) or go short on it by selling. 


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