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Forex Trading XAUUSD Strategies.

There is no forex trading one-size-fits-all strategy on how to trade XAUUSD (Gold/US Dollar). There is no “best” answer OF forex trading here, as Forex Trading XAUUSD Strategies. depends on your individual trading style, risk tolerance and personal preference.

This article will delve deeper into four well-known forex trading XAUUSD strategies of Forex Trading

Trend Forex Trading

Breakout and Retest Trading

Swing Trading

Scalp Day Trading

As we work through strategy benefits of Forex Trading and drawbacks, trader personality factors, best potential return on investment (ROI), stop losses enough etc…

Trend Trading

The idea of this strategy of Forex Trading is to find a way where you can detect the current trend in XAUUSD and try to follow that. Typically, traders will buy in an upward (bullish) trend and sell or short-sell as the market heads downward (bearish). The emphasis is on catching profits from significant price movement rather than by small fluctuations like in scalping of Forex Trading.

Trend Forex Trading – trend-following traders rely on technical indicators (moving averages, MACD or trends) to help identify a new direction for Forex Trading.


One of the benefits of trading with XAUUSD is that a lot of money can be made because it goes in strong trend – one way or other, stands for quite some time.

One of the only easier to spot and follow trends, which makes it a good candidate for all Forex Trading traders.

Trading in the direction of a trend reduces risk for traders.


This means that if you are a Forex Trading Trend Forex Trading, entering after the trend has been established may cause for profitable trades to be missed at earlier levels.

In volatile markets, losses may occur where a trend is misidentified of Forex Trading.

This Forex Trading method is also only suitable for those who do not lose their patience, because the longer relevant positions are held and rolled-over, during periods where prices retrace by a meaningful rate; it causes drawdowns to pile up.

Science Performed: It is perfect for the people who are ready to wait long, so if you like keeping XAUUSD (gold) positions open for days and even weeks – this strategy will work perfectly of Forex Trading.

Breakout and Retest Trading:

Breakout and retester: This is when the price XAUUSD breaks out of its daily trading range, or $5 off a really important resistanceor support point.

This is a trend trading strategy that rides the momentum created by the breakout. The price comes back to the breakout region (what is named as a retest phase) and that serves then the entry point of Forex Trading.

Breakout and retest trading are styles of technical analysis that use chart patterns and volume indicators for potential breakouts to confirm their strength.


It enables traders to profit from new trends before they get crowded out.

Dynamic support and resistance based on the recent price action, which makes it clear when we should enter breakout or exit after a retest failure.

Performs largely in all market conditions, especially with high volatility periods.


Crypto traders Can receive fake signals and enter too early, taking a way to losses of Forex Trading.

This strategy requires quick reactions to the market, which can be strenuous of Forex Trading.

Volatility can make it difficult to set stop-losses,

Recommended Character: Breakout and retest trading is great for high-speed traders that can execute their orders rapidly, as well as investors with a higher tolerance to Gold-specific systematic risk consecrating them in Forex Trading.

Swing Forex Trading:

A Gold Swing Trading Strategy with( < XAUUSD Market > )Swing traders hold positions for a few days or weeks, attempting to capture short- term to medium-term price movements.( swings).

Strike a balance between middle term – trend trading and very short term day expiry(subject to change dependent on market conditions)

Swing Forex Trading traders look at a combination of technical analysis and a rough understanding of fundamental factors to find potential mid-term trading opportunities.


Ironically, it can take as much or more time to day trade than swing trading (60s is faster), but lets say 4-6 hours a night compared with all weekend in the case of FANT stocks.

Swing traders look for short-term trends / market “swings” and build on profits.

Enables trades to be diversified across various time frames, assets.


May require holding positions in adverse market conditions.

This technique requires a strong backdrop of market basic principles in addition to strategy using technical analysis.

Traders new to the markets should always be aware of unforeseen market factors that might arise while they sleep on open positions.

Type of individuals: This is best for gold Forex Trading trader who have the patient to WAIT FRO THE RIGHT MOMENT, and comfortable holding position at least a few day economic scale.

 Scalp Forex Trading:

It works via making many Forex Trading trades for small profits of each fluctuation in price on the XAUUSD market.

Since scalp trades require quick decision-making and sprint execution (often the position is opened or closed in less than a few minutes), these strategies are often not suitable for traders without vast trading experiences.

This strategy is all about liquidity, volatility and very small time-frames (e.g. 1-minute to15-minutes) using simple rules for precise entry & exit points!


Scalpers execute dozens of trades every trading day, collecting pennies in profits for each trade.

If you make a high probability trading decisions and close Forex Trading quickly, this reduces the chances of being exposed to large market movements.

Provides a fun and interactive trading environment


You will have to keep an eye on the market and take fast decisions all along your trading period albeit it is even as short as 1 hour per day.

Trade size / risk to reward per trade are typically smaller as many scalping strategies go for a 1:1 up till maxing at about 1:3 r:r

Suitable personality- scalping is best for those who can act fast and make quick decisions. For those of you who prefer to be very focused in short bursts for time and new traders, this can provide a good foothold if taking long positions given certain conditions.

Which XAUUSD Strategy Has The Best Return?

The yield and profits offered by each of these XAUUSD trading strategies may vary according to the prevailing market conditions, trader´s skill level, respect (or no) towards risk management and how good we are at consistently operating said strategy. Nonetheless, even though those strategies are not used in practice, we can evaluate how they behave theoretically with a $10K trading account for the past 6 months using positive slippages or negative ones as described above and risking just one percent from stop loss on all trades. Later we will look at compounding with a growing trading account and just trading Gold.

 Trend Trading

Yield: Good to very good

If you can identify a strong hot trend, you will make fortunes over time with this method.

Scenario Example:

A 3% profit on each successful trade – that sounds pretty reasonable, right?

10 trend-following trades that worked out well over a 6-month period together with compounding gains could add up to a substantial gain.

However the growth rate would be slower than scalp trading because there are less trades and longer holding period.

Trading the Breakout and Retest ✨

Yield Potential: Moderate

The latter strategy can become profitable in extremely volatile conditions, but the gains will take longer to compound since there are less trades running than scalping.

Scenario Example:

If we assume 2% profit on average per trade and about 15 trades in total after 6 months.

This would have a compounding effect, but one less dramatic from scalping because fewer trades mean more varied outcomes.

Swing Trading

Yield Potential: Moderate

Swing trading like this can provide strong returns, especially when very large swings are caught, but the compounding effect is not as prevalent with longer-term trades.

Scenario Example:

About 8 trades in last 6 months (which makes it around a trade every month) and average gain of ~4% per successful trade.

The compounding effect would add to growth, however the total return would be significantly less than scalp trading from both lower number of trades and capital being tied up longer.

Scalp Trading

Yield Potential: Very High

Of course, compounding plays a huge role in that and scalping with its many possible trades should offer the most potential profit.

Scenario Example:

Average daily daytimeprofit: (1,5%)*(2 per day);

If you are trading on 20 days a month then it gives us total 40 trades in a month.

Every winning trade makes the account balance larger, which (when compounding) then applies more risk for every possible win.

This compounding effect over 6 months -along with a consistent win rate – could easily turn that $10,000 initial investment into something two times larger or even greater (depending on the exact win percentage and consistency of the trader).

Of all of the above-strategies scalp trading has by far and away the greatest potential yield due to its high frequency, larger per-trade gains and compounding effects over-time. It also needs to be high level and consistent. The risk reward, compounding potential of each XAUUSD trading style must match what the trader can do, how much he or she is willing to lose and his/her income objective in trading.

XAUUSD Trading Strategy Consideration for Stop Loss

The characteristics of these trading styles would also be different for each and this has a significant impact on the probability to get stopped. A stop loss getting hit makes the system instantly close your current position entirely, so ending that trade way in a losing manner. These are the important factor you must know for good risk management and XAUUSD Trading strategy Selection.

 Trend Trading

Delayed Entry

Trend traders tend to enter a trade after the trend is in place, and therefore risk of stop loss getting hit on reversal increases.

Length of Trends

As broader trends abruptly shorten or change direction, the chances of stop losses being triggered rise – notably so in highly volatile markets.

Drawdowns During Retracements

More often than not, Trends will see retracements. The XAUUSD retrace could be deeper than expected and, in the end, hit a stop loss before continuing its trend.

Breakout and Retest Trading System

False Breakouts

False breakouts are the bane of breakout traders; these occur when price breaks through a key level but then quickly reverses, typically taking out any stop losses in that vicinity along with it.

Volatility Spikes

Volatility around breakout points can surge and your price stops be hit in a flash.

Re-test Failure

However, if the price fails to successfully re-test and instead quickly reverses then this can result in us hitting our stop loss.

 Swing Trading

Overnight and Weekend Risk

Swing trades in XAUUSD were usually over a 3 day periods, which makes the stop loss being hit by overnight gaps and weekend risks.

Market News and Events

Swing traders are also likely to get a brutal impact from expected and unexpected news, that would resultantly lead the market runs wild jumping everywhere so fast.

Changing Market Sentiment

Because swing trading is over a larger timeframe, it can be more difficult to capture these same moves because shifts in the market sentiment or trend (which we know are 100% of profit potential) will hit stop losses before expected move plays out.

 Scalp Trading

Rapid Price Fluctuations

The rapid & unexpected price swings can quickly take out a tight stop-loss when it comes to short-term XAUUSD scalp trades.

Spread and Slippage

The spread cost and slippage, when compared to trade sizes in scalp trading situations are considerable making the Stop loss much more likely. Great for Trading with a Low Spread Broker

Market Noise

The market noise (random price movements) is what often gets a scalp trade, hitting the stop losses more profitability of other trading styles.

Every trading style has specific factors that can result in the cause of stop losses. Being aware of these concepts will enable you to pinpoint exactly where stop loss placement, strategy selection and risk management can be improved.

The Trader’s Best XAUUSD Strategies

So here we are, the only breakdowns and suggestions you need as a trader. The following are suggestions targeted towards different types of traders and the objectives based on various aspects of XAUUSD trading strategies that we have processed above.

What is the best trading strategy for XAUUSD?

Beginners tend to lean towards trend trading. New traders can find a lot to like in the relative ease of identifying trends and patience/discipline required for this style. It is an easy way for beginners to help understand how the markets work without having to make quick decisions!

However, that is not to suggest veteran traders have sole access— beginner can undertake their trading education tread with other strategies as well.

How should experienced traders trade XAUUSD?

Adavanced – Scalp Trading scalping is the forex gold trading style for advanced traders. It involves fast reflexes good knowledge of market movements and how what to do in high pressure situations. Scalp trading is best suited to advanced traders, given the fast pace of such a trader requires remaining calm and making disciplined decisions.

This then becomes the natural progression of a gold trader into scalp trading XAUUSD.

 What is actually the Best XAUUSD Strategy for Highest possible profit?

Scalp trading, when done right, is the highest energy return type of A/B testing that there possibly is. It utilizes small price movements that arrive semi-quickly, which easily allows skillful traders to accrue profits at a steady rate. Still, it is vital to understand that with this high potential average return comes greater risk and requires a lot of skill, practice and emotional strength

 Which XAUUSD trading strategy is the best for those who need a daily routine?

Scalp trading offers a bit of regularity in the daily grind; provided you do it enough, that is. It makes a trader remain attentive during certain time frames of the market. This recurring behavior is what tends to show up in scalping, and for those who want that routine (only trade throughout certain hours… little bursts of “work”) this market can deliver. This also allows for insane off the charts freedom during hours when you are not doing your main scalping.

XAUUSD trading strategy for the remote trader

For anyone who wants greater freedom and more time without the screen, swing trading is best. You do not have to constantly keep an eye on the market and positions can be held for days or up to a couple of weeks. This allows for more freedom and free time to those who enjoy the casual trading lifestyle. The downside is the very low number of trades compared to how often this occurs (weeks or months where there are no profits at all in between, and illiquid access as well, but!)

This is another solution for freedom from screens, more so if you are a scalper who aims to do 1 or maximum of 2 trades in his sweet spot over the day and then spend rest time not related to trading.

 Move to best XAUUSD Trading Strategy

Scalp trading – the best XAUUSD strategy for us, this is why

Have the best possible compounding gains yield

Suited to both beginners in trading with a weight or commitment towards learning as well the experienced trader

Perfect for day structuring and trading in time Servlet Response

Great if you want to take a break from your screen – preventing open positions in times of absence

Great for financing full-time employment salary as a liquid access, more trading time to get profit (performance-dependent of course)!

Scalp trading is for the birdsYou can scalp with scalpers all day long, but if you own NQ and trust those Rails why not just sell some Puts into it.say a pop in Risk receipts them at your priceI would never buy this stuff right OTM90 DTE then 30 to Expiryif I had enough experience or trade capitalyou must employ keen risk management (($55 Subscribe)) as beautifully illustrated by our assassin Beanie Baby Snatcher from Cincy. It gives a solid trading atmosphere and there is the opportunity for excessive payouts.

If you would like to scalp gold, we want to stress how before making the leap in trading it as a scalper that your education and mentorship has been high. So if you are a beginner, we will teach and show you how to lay the appropriate first stepping stones for new traders making their way into scalping in order to learn e.g. what trades make up that perfect string of profits with minimal risk- and then not only hone your skills but give them an iron clad learning curve as stable as it is ready…


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