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Finding Best Forex Telegram Channels List 2024

Best Forex Telegram Channels List:

Trading signals Forex Telegram Channels List are excellent tools to find new trading possibilities without analyzing it on your own. Forex Telegram Channels List channels have quickly become one of the most popular ways to access up-to-date trading signals absolutely free or at low cost without having other kinds of advertisements spammed in your face on various social media platforms.

Here are 7 of the Best Forex Trading Signal Providers on Telegram and their Pros in Cons.

Best Forex Signal Telegram Channel

1000pip Builder — 5-7 signals/day;

FX Premiere. Signals Free channel VIP 0 — 1(signal)RYPTO MARKETIs it scam?

Free Signals Pro — 1 signal;

ForexSignals. io — around 5 signals;

ApexBull — around 5 signals

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8 Best Forex Signals Providers in Telegram

1000pip Builder


Best Forex Signal Provider via Telegram: 1000pip Builder Having helped traders for over a decade, they have an almost cult following.

Members would most definitely recommend this service due to the recommendations, but mostly because of reputed top Forex trader Bob James’ high-performance returns on his Forex signals and one-on-one support. Crucially, 1000pip Builder results are independently verified via MYFXBook which means you can trust the signal’s performance…

TOP 3 Most Profitable Forex Trading Signal Providers – Detailed Reviews & Ratings (2018) Invest Tipster // Acceleration from ProfitsA Well known Daily Forex Signal Provider will also be support you making some in the above parameters. Currently they are hosting a 65% off flash sale, so now really is the best time to join.


Made With The Guidance Of Experts

• Outstanding results (Real Trading is confirmed)

•Full expert support


•Forex Telegram Channels List Limited free options

FXPremiere. Com – The Best Forex Signals Currently On Offer? They are now in two Telegrams; one is for free and the other VIP/pay.

The free channel delivers one signal a day and plenty of trading strategies. Yet, the majority of messages on this channel are ads for his VIP-signal chan. Not a terrible Telegram channel in general, some value is there.

This is where the magic fucking VIP channel happens. VIP channel subscribers receive 10-15 signals daily, with a success rate of over +70% from about 50 verified resources. Membership prices range from $37/month to $500 for lifetime access.


• Receiveearlier, tradesmart and VIP channel signals.

•They source their signals from reputed sources


•1 signal/day rigth through loose channels

•Excessive advertising on free channels

Free Signals Pro

Free Signals ProThis Forex signals Telegram channel delivers once again its promise: daily free Forex forecasts.

Free Signals Pro It is 100% free and delivers profitable Forex signals

There are Forex signals and trading reports on this channel only. Which means no pesky onsreen messages offering you premium subscription of the channel.

This channel on Telegram will allow novice traders to find new trading opportunities and provide them with the opportunity to carry out a large number of transactions. Nevertheless, some traders maybe too much for a single-day signals.


•This is free

•This has no annoying messages asking its members to join the paid version


Some Traders Would Argue That A Signal Per Day Is Too Little

ForexSignals thus if you want to trade in the forex market with a professional and profitable group, at least take this one into account. io. It is also one of the most advanced signal channels as well being the only option for forex market working traders.

ForexSignals. But there are two tempting iO channel offerings here. The free channel provides NAIRA CURRENCY PAIRS TRADES CALL for you to trade on and a few reports about the signals they offer that week in VIP group. All in all, not infesto and a complete must for any novice looking to learn more about the Forex market.

But if you are in the market for pro signals on a daily basis and complicated analysis reports, then this is where you need to be. A professional version of ForexSignals. io is £79/month or a one-off payment of £499 We agree with the thousands of customers who say it is worth every penny.


• Free channel may be informative for some novice traders

The VIP channel and should suit traders looking to for signals that are a bit more premium


•Free channel is the gateway to VIP Channel

• Free channel free signal but high quality is unattainable by their scouts.


Another one in the list of reliable Telegram Forex signal provider for newcomers that you might find useful is ApexBull.

ApexBull sends roughly 3 Forex signals per day and is generally highly accurate. In addition to forwarding free Forex signals, ApexBull also updates its members about price movements in various currency pairs with the regular delivery of news related around Forex.


•ApexBull has a team that comes from over ten years of Wall Street experience

•It provides its followers real-time updates on multiple trade opportunities


— They send intraday tips too some days (not really signals; )

Sure Shot Forex

There are over 27,000 people bracing Sure Shot Forex already amongst the free Forex signals Telegram channel. This Telegram channel is well liked by the beginners in Forex trading, since it reveals up to five free of charge information on bargains and thorough analysis for all transactions throughout day.

This channel has no scammy big promises and gives you zero lit win rates. Trades all the signals provided by the trader behind the channel A screenshot verifying the signal by the trader


* Traders use all of the signals downstream from channels *

•Low information density (no strong statement) but high signal quality


•Rife with an inordinate amount of advertising for specific online brokers

The AltSignals is a reputable Forex and cryptocurrency trading signal provider on Telegram, one of the largest around.

AltSignals. The platform always provides the most in-depth analysis of market trends that many other trading signal service providers do not. Good for both beginners and those that have experience in trading but want something to read while learning how the market operates prior to getting any trading signals.

AltSignals. io is built with a subscription-first access model. While it is billed monthly at $135/month, there are a few others variations in subscriptions that provide you either quarterly or lifetime access for 0.009 BTC and 0.029 BTC respectively too!


They proclaim their signals are 90% successful

75% of its users are still active after 1 month

Some of these great benefits include: — 72 Hour Money Back guarantee.


It is more costly compared to other Forex Telegram signal providers

•Is not available for free trial

Free Forex Signals – FX LifeStyle Group

Having the VIP version offers you 15-20+ top quality signals each day along with an average win rate of over that is certainly depending on our last winner sign. They also state that their signal users make an average of $2,500 per month. Of course, IF all those claims are 100% true…… at a price of $74 for lifetime access the VIP version is deffinatly not an option.

There is a large user base for both free and VIP channels, with 30K plus members without any doubt.

While the VIP version comes with quite heavy claims, in case you are upgrading to the VIP model from Lite I will advise use of free first.


•Money back guarantee

•Free offers channels of power


What are Forex Signals?

What currency pair to trade?

How much to buy and sell it for?

Where do I have to put the stop loss and take profit?

A Forex signal provider is a company which specialises in delivering some of the most accurate signals available on the market, whether Monday to Friday or over 10 aldays and helps ordinary traders buy these….

We examined both free and paid Telegram signal providers for this ranking, to discover the best Forex trading Telegram channel in 2023.

The things we look for when deciding what is best Telegram signals are:

Signal quality

We focus primarily on signal quality and then some more. These signal providers only share high quality signals and we want you to succeed in trading.

Reviews from users

We also take a look at the reviews of paid channels from their users on TrustPilot as well. To take this one step further, we’ve also examined how trustworthy they actually are by looking at both their overall ratings and individual reviews.


We consider the experience of channel owner. The bulk of the channels from this rating are owned by traders with a trading experience exceeding 10 years.

The price of money

At the last, we study Telegram Signal Providers Membership costs and Money Value for their members. We have to say that every of the Forex signal providers we got into this rating offer not bad value for cost.

Forex Telegram Signals Selection Guide

How to Use the Best Forex SignalsA good signal provider will help you make smart trades, plus they give you multiple ways of further increasing your profits. This article aims to explore what some of the key criteria need to be taken into account when deciding on the best forex signals Telegram provider.

The following are the top-quality general criteria to search for:

Signal quality

You can go for free or subscribe to a Telegram channel, in any case you need an assured signal.

In order to test the signal for small capital, you need a good quality signal. High quality – this is a signal that works in the way you expect You should keep using signals from a provider if they are high-quality ones. But, if in case of more notifications for losing signals from the signal provider it is a warning that this specific signal provider you can no longer use.

Reviews from other users

All popular Forex signals Telegram Channels have websites and TrustPilot accounts. So it is a prudent place to take a look before you part with extra sums for signal providers. Thus, if you find many low-star reviews, so be aware that these may have the mistakes.

Money back guarantee

This is bad and this can be worst when you are paying for a Telegram channel that gives an unsatisfactory signal or even the right type of signals do not come as it should, thereby leaving much to be desired. If go with the signal providers then cing up one value added feature that is money back guarantee, if you do not satisfied from provider service money will be refunded.

Free trial

Remember to ask if the telegram channel you would like to select for paid has a free trial If you can, give their free trial a shot first (which they offer) before busting out the ol credit card. But if it is not mentioned, kindly ask for a free trial from the admin of that Telegram channel. If they say no skip, just try the next question but if you can have it for free do a 3-4 document dump if possible.

Occasionally, they may give you a couple of days to use the service and see whether it is actually something worth paying for.

How to Use Forex Signals

Now that you have chosen a Telegram signal provider, the time has arrived to use its signals. The steps to do that, are as follows:

1. Download the Telegram app

In order to get the most out of receiving Telegram signals, you should use this application. Even you are using Telegram on a browser, the app is better than its web-version.

2. Create a Telegram account

In order for you to be able to join any of the Telegram channel free or paid, first you need a telegram account. It just takes no more than 2 minutes to create a Telegram Account.

3. Join the signal providers’ channel and enable notifications

After that you have to Join some Signal provider Channel. Step 1 – Search for the name of channel free you want to join, and click on Join. Or you can view it in your browser by clicking here.

Trading Signals in Telegram

In order to enter a commercial channel, maker of other traders send him the link for paid subscription on their website and get ready-made access.

Forex market is a very dynamic, you should turn on notifications because Foryou app signals last only for some time.

4. Get signals and use them

Once you have joined the telegram channel and received the signal, use it. In Free Forex Signals – FX LifeStyle Telegram FX, we want to explain how this very effective tool should be used.

Most of the time you will receive a signal that appears this way;

Forex Signals in Telegram

In this case you can see at the CTA is to “sell” your currency for another one. It then tells you where to set Stop Loss and Take Profit values for that trade in your online broker.

Stop Loss protects you from leaving quickly your trading account empty because this is closing automatically position when price reaches the value set in Stop Loss.

The Take Profit allows traders to realize their profits by closing the position when it reaches a certain price.

Stop Loss (SL)Take Profit(TP)) may also some times come as signals.

This does not mean the signal will be relevant (or help facilitate a trade) after an amount of time.

Top Forex Brokers for Trading Signals




RoboForex has crooked it really inwards the existence of CFD on-line trading decisions as well inward 2009. It serves 169 countries across financial markets. Over 3.5 million users are clients of RoboForex. One of the most popular developers in forex, RoboForex is a game changer for you and your trading business.

RoboForex is the silver medalist of one of the most prestigious events in financial industry. The company is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards. RoboForex group of companies has an international license for providing services from FSC Belize, and a European one by CySEC(license No. 191/13 Robomarkets Ltd)

IC Markets



IC Markets Trading Company was established in 2007, Bush meets with Libya’s Gaddafi Apr. The broker is regulated by the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) and Australia Securities And Investments Commission. The broker is regulated by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) that dictates industry best exercises for dispute resolution between consumers and financial institutions, to include regular audits.


Now that you have got to know the best Forex signal providers on Telegram and how to choose the exact one, it is time for increasing your forex profits.

This will enhance the experience and increase your profits in forex trading. But in this case, you have to select a Forex signal provider with above 70% win rate. In case you do not have time to analyze the market every day, a signal provider will do it for you.


The truth about trading signals

This depends on the provider. Forex trading is a highly uncertain market, and the purpose of signal providers to provide as much accurate signals. Expectations for signals are at a high and if signal Providers can claim 70-90% win rate,then anyone would be very happy. This figure is the percentage of their signals that trigger “Take profit” against all other prediction.

Is it Better to Use Paid Signal Providers?

Paid signal providers try to bring signals that have a very high chance of winning into existence. It is true they are better in most cases, just not completely. Of course, there are exceptions.

Free Signal Service Or Paid?

Since you are a beginner when it comes to Forex trading, it is recommended that you go for Best Free Signal provider as this way of getting connected (using SMS) with the signal providers will not spend money. But before you actually start using the signal its important to test it out.

Is It Possible To Trade Without Any Trading Signals?

Yes you can. However, you should be aware that profitable trading signals can improve your winning ratio and simplify what most would otherwise consider a lot of work.

How We Rank the Best Forex Brokers

The wide variety of quantitative and qualitative criteria that the Traders Union assesses brokers, through one of the strict processes in business practices (Approximately 100+ implementation parts). The overall score is comprised of several parameters that decide the scores at individual levels.

Evaluation methodsThe evaluation will be based on three main criteria:

Rules and safety. Brokers are assessed depending on their license rating, how good is the reputation and under what regulations they operate.

User reviews. Reading reviews will let you know how much a customer is satisfied with their service. You will notice that most of the reviews are verified with facts.

Trading instruments. Which aspect of the market do brokers fall into This relates to both asset variety and depth & breadth of the market.

Fees and commissions. These help us ensure we have evaluated every colleagues responsibility to decide on the total cost they pass onto our clients in terms of each trading fee and commission

Trading platform. Brokers are judged on the range of markets they cover, as well as by their diversity and overall quality of financial instruments.

Other considerations such as vendor brand, customer service and training material also are taken into account.


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